ACS Innovation, why a new name?

We begun our journey as Avionics Control Systems, today, after almost 10 years of growth and achievements, we believe our identity is better reflected by our commitment to innovation, support entrepreneurs and companies in general to bring to market breakthrough solutions.


Our people are innovators at heart, we seek to constantly embrace new technologies to satisfy our customer’s vision. We are able to deploy these technologies to bring to market unique products.


ACS Innovation has changed its name, but make its practice best in class!



Control your servers by automatizing the measurements of the temperature and power consumption.


Optimize the use and availability of your workspace.


Measure  the level of different air quality values in outdoor and indoor environments.


Be able to perform multiple actions in communications with other devices.


Improve the efficiency of your logistics processes reducing time and costs.


Collect information from any medical device and be constantly updated.





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