At ACS Innovation we provide a unique advice to ensure the success of our clients’ ideas. Understanding your goals and vision we advise you about the optimal way to conform and design your project applying the latest technologies.

We collect all insight about each case to study your business sector and market, competitors, targeted area and any other factors which could directly or indirectly influence the well performance of your future product. Thanks to our deep technological knowledge and a team always updated in the latest electronics and programming advances, at ACS Innovation, we support  you very closely helping you to turn your ideas and needs into innovative and reliable products,

We define a smart solution and develop it through our R&D and Lean Prototyping services, making you participant of each aspect of the development, working hand-to-hand in every project.

Every member of our team of professionals is passionate about technology and innovation and have been working in breakthrough technology during their careers. All these years of delivering innovative projects, have resulted in very successful experiences with our customers providing them high quality services and very personalized support to solve their problems and turn their ideas into reality.

We have challenged across a multiple industries such as  space industry, health sector, logistics, entertainment, etc. and we are always ready to face new challenges. What is yours?

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