The development of drone solutions has been one of our biggest purposes since the beginning of our journey.

We design, produce and integrate tailor autopilots, communications and sensors for drones, providing autonomous navigation, collision avoidance and other features.

Constantly updated with the latest technologies, we offer sturdy, reliable and efficient solutions with a high quality-price ratio.

We develop projects for every form of unmanned vehicle in multiple environments , such as air, ground and water.

Nowadays, drones are used and can be applied in a wide variety of industries and sectors, where unmanned vehicles facilitate tasks and provide added value when carrying out different activities. Whichever industry you can imagine is now using autonomous navigation solutions, such as agriculture, construction, entertainment, etc.

Our drone solutions have been implemented, and are used nowadays, with a wide variety of purposes across business sectors:

  • Smart Agriculture: In agriculture, drone solutions are used to monitor and analyze crops in order to increase the productivity and quality in the crops’ growth. Adding sensors and imaging capabilities give farmers a better picture of their fields. At ACS Innovation , as you can see below in this page , we are working for Polariks, developing the autopilot and integrating other features in their rover with the aim of monitoring vineyards.
  • Surveillance and security. With the purpose of survey and ensure the security of each environment, our technologies are applicable to different industries. Surveillance and fire monitoring, traffic and road control, coastal and maritime surveillance are some examples.
  • Aerial performances. Drones are also being used by artists in many creative and original uses even interacting with human movements. Our systems provide the capability of making original pieces in a scenic art stage and give impressive performances.
  • Aerial photography & video. Suitable for a wide range of audiovisual areas, like advertising, heritage documentation and events recording, autonomous capabilities facilitates professionals to carry out their job in a more reliable way.
  • Delivery. Nowadays, the delivery is having a big relevance in the drones purposes. Delivery can range from medical purposes in hard-to-reach areas of the world to consumer goods. It is said that in the future, consumer deliveries will be carried out by drones. At ACS we provide tailor solutions for this type of drones to ensure the capability doing any task requested in the most efficient way.

Arman, Another Kind Of Blue

Another Kind of Blue, is the foundation of the choreographer David Middendorp. It combines modern dance and modern technology in a performance using drones, films and digital projections.

ACS Innovation has supported Another Kind of Blue in the development of Airman project, one of the shows of Flirt with Reality that consist on a choreography between a dancer and drones.

Developing the entire system communications, we ensure the right functionality and understanding between the control system and the swarm of drones.

A success story! Our partner, Another Kind of Blue, have achieved to make impressive choreographies and magnificent performances where all the drones become a reflection of human movement. Such was the quality and success of our solution, that the show has been performed  in tens of theatres around Europe and soon in other continents.

Do not miss the opportunity to attend one of their wonderful performances.


Polariks B.V. is a company located in the Space Business Innovation Centre in Noordwijk, Netherlands. Polariks is developing a precision agriculture method with their OUVA product. The aim of this project is to control the growth and cultivation of the grapes in vineyards using a rover.

At ACS Innovation we have developed and integrated OUVA rover autopilot and collision avoidance  system in order to enable Polariks rover to autonomously move among vineyard fields while performing image recognition activities.

Due to the different environments in which the rover platform has to operate, high accurate location is one of its major features together with the collision detection  and avoidance system. Through the use of Real Time Kinematic positioning and the implementation of multiple sensors, OUVA is able to drive across vineyards and other types of crops and grounds without any need of human interaction.

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