Industrial design is a process driven to innovation,  quality and success of products, systems, services and experiences.

When required a development process, at ACS Innovation, we carefully design and develop our clients’ products in the most creative and innovative way.

We analyze every specification and data of our customers’ needs and study the most suitable options.

Understanding the market and the different possibilities, we go beyond the product requirements and come out with practical and the most suitable results and high ended designs. We work hand-to-hand with our engineers who design the mechanical aspects of the product and with marketers to identify opportunities and accomplish the demands.

Because in a final product design plays a fundamental role, be able to provide our customers with different mockups during the design process help them to visualize the potential and final look of their products.

For this reason, 3d printing is a vital element in our designing processes and allows us ensure the final satisfaction of our customers.

During the entire designing process, we work very closely with our customers. The industrial design department will first understand the client requirements and then provide multiple sketches to begin narrowing down the design guide lines. After applying clients feedback, several concepts will be presented. Once the client has established his preferences and opinions several realistic mockups will be provided, so the client can make his final decision. To finalized, the client will receive a prototype of the final result in a high end 3d printed format

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