Since the creation of the company, Lean Prototyping is one of the most important activities we carry out at ACS Innovation.

The fast changes in technology and the introduction of new competitive products in multiple markets, motivate us to stay always updated in the latest technologies. We work very intensely and focused on the most innovative results and designs while developing high quality hardware and software solutions.

Nowadays, the networked connection of everyday objects is changing our lifestyle. Also known as Internet of Things. Systems across multiple industries capable of scanning and monitoring processes and services, and turning the outcome data into useful information, are taking a big place in every business.

ACS Innovation is the key to your project. Our team works closely with  you providing the required tailor-made solutions to exceed your expectations. We use a flexible approach to guarantee our customers’ satisfaction.

At ACS Innovation, we are specialized in telecommunication and sensors integration and implementation. We have an extensive experience, after developing tens of solutions, integrating different communication systems with multiple purposes across industries and business sectors.

Telecommunication systems.

Being one of the most important pillars of nowadays technological solutions, to be able to select the most efficient communication, among the different types, plays a fundamental role in the creation of the optimal solution for each specific purpose.

At ACS Innovation we have a large experience in telecommunication systems for either industry scope and user’s personal environment. We provide multiple types of communication to ensure the best technical solution. We know that many different communication protocols can apply for one purpose, but only one will be the optimum solution. Our aim is to provide you with it.

GSM, GPRS, 2G, 3G, 4G, Bluetooth, BLE, RFID, NFC, Wifi, LoRa, MBIoT, Zigbee, satellite, Wimax


Sensors technology and fusion

The main purpose of sensors consist in detect events or changes in its environment in order to provide the information to the final user. For it, they will require to interact with other electronics, like communications, so that the data gathered is be able to be display through a dashboard or other methods.

As there are dozens of types of sensors able to gather different parameters data, there are also multiple technologies for each of these sensors; infrared, electrochemical, etc.

Although several sensors can be suitable for one purpose, at ACS Innovation we will provide you with the most suitable one for your project.

Motion sensors, positioning sensors, gas sensors, environmental sensors, biometric sensors.


Electronic embedded systems

PCBs designing



Software development

Electronics embedded firmware

Data processing algorithms

Control Systems

Multiplatform graphical user interfaces for applications or web

Data base servers (SQL) and data management systems

Energy management systems

Power management units development

Power management units installation

Mobile applications

Android & IOS

Java Applications

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