Mauro Garcia
CEO and Founder

Mauro has set up AvioniCS in 2012, his effort brought this start-up from a back-room at an incubator to a young company standing on its feet.

Mauro is a serial entrepreneur, passionate about technology and ‘getting his hands dirty’.

Jerry van Sinderen
Industrial Designer

Jerry is showing skills of a future ID influencer. He is committed to ACS Innovation not just on his domain but show willingness to walk the extra mile for the good of the company whenever required.

Jerry is creative, self-conscious and business savvy

Zihara Rey
Marketing & Communication.

Since she arrived to ACS Innovation, Zihara has been leading the marketing and communications  activities and campaigns. She is also in charge of creating and designing ACS Innovation branding materials.

Additionally, Zihara is also the responsible of our Social Media platforms.

Javier Nuñez
Software and Hardware engineer

Javier joined ACS Innovation in 2013. Since then, he has been leading the development of multiple projects in a broad range of technologies.

His knowledge in electronics ensures the delivery of high end solutions to our customers.

Robert Goorhuis
Sales Partner

Specialized in sales and commercial strategy, Robert, the CEO of Rent a Rep, is one of our main sales collaborators. 

Since several years, he supports ACS Innovation in the deployment of smart solutions for different industries.

Jeroen J. Krijt and Aniel Misier
Sales Partner

Directors of OMS-I, Jeroen and Aniel closely collaborate with ACS Innovation during the last years for providing smart solutions in different sectors.

Specialized in monitoring solutions they are experts in the healthcare and environmental industries.

Crístofer Barea
Software Engineer

Crístofer has integrated ACS coming from our brand in Spain, Automated Devices, where  is an experimented developer on embedded software and firmware.

Jurgi Sarasola
Software Engineer

Jurgi is a young engineer but knowledgeable in new technologies about programming and development using the latest frameworks and tools.

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