Research&Development is the work oriented to innovation and improvement of product and processes. In the recent years R&D is having a very important role across different industrial sectors. The fast changes in technology make research a very important factor to be updated with the latest technologies.

With many years of experience in the field and all the knowledge we have achieved, we keep exploring in depth the best possible solutions to your ideas in order to provide you the best choices.

As a company focused in providing innovative solutions, we cooperate and lead several R&D projects in collaboration with multiple companies from different countries. We participate in numerous European programmes funding research, technological development and innovation, such as Horizon 2020; Eurostars, SME instrument, etc, and different national programmes like the MIT innovation framework in The Netherlands.

Some examples of R&D projects we have carried out both for companies and within innovative collaboration programmes:

  • Defibrillator communicator
  • Sport players tracking devices
  • Environmental quality monitoring device
  • Autonomous navigation autopilots for drones
  • Vehicle collision detector
  • Medical data monitoring devices
  • Indoor/outdoor tracking system
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